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Life as I know it…

Things are going back to normal, at least I am making them go back to normal. My husband is finally back to school and I can go back to some sort of routine. I am watching the news, getting up early, and working on homework early rather than waiting until Thursday to start. What I really need is a planner, one that I can write in and gather my thoughts and to-dos all in one place. I would really like a daily planner, though I could get along with a weekly, I just think that daily is way nicer to work with. That way, I could write down all that I need to do for the day like homework, reading, and working out.  I would use an online planner that would connect to my iPhone but I have yet to find one. Any suggestions? Right now I was messing around with Hotmail Calender, but I am not sure how I feel about it. Since I have  a five month old, I know that things can be knocked out of whack and I would probably not finish all that I need to get done, but at least I would not forget.

I started walking with the baby today. I figured I could do 2 miles in the morning and 2 in the evening. She really enjoys the walks and it is good for both of us. Plus videos (if I have time), Zumba on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and a healthy diet, I will get in better shape in no time. It is hard to eat healthy though in the house we live in since we are living with so many people. Most will only eat processed food and things that are horrible for you. But since we are a little low on the money side, I have to eat what is in the house. A friend of mine told me how to make homemade granola bars, which when she made them were delish! I would love to try to make them and to buy fruit to eat. Plus, she also taught me how to make homemade baby food which is more cost effective and healthier for the baby. Once some money comes in, I will be practicing to make all of the new foods.I want to get my husband, daughter, and I to get on the right track. Anyone know a good website where I could find healthy recipes?

Gaming is something I do not have much time for, but I would love to get back into raiding in WoW. Another thing I would like to do is crafts. Not sure which kind, but something fun and easy. Maybe make a blanket for the baby, or clothes. I could paint bird houses too or even create organizational tools. Anyone know a good place where I could look at craft ideas?

I also need to work on my blogs more. As you can see I have not had that much time to do that, but I love to write. It would be nice to also write my novel as well. Last but not least, I would like to read more. I LOVE to read and frankly I could do it all the time, but it is hard with the baby and with all the other things I want to do.

As you can see I really need to get organized! I need to work at things all day and not waste time just sitting around and watching TV all day. What are your organizational tips? Any helpful advice?


Remy’s Birth Story

Remy Rae Ann R
Born 1/26/11 @ 8:22 am via C-Section
8lbs 10.5 ounces and 21 inches long

On the 24th of January I had my last OB appointment. During the exam, my doctor checked me and noticed that she was not engaging at all and when he touched her head she would float back up inside of me. Since I was 39 weeks and 4 days along and having many contractions all the time, my doctor thought it would be good to check the baby out via ultrasound. I had an ultrasound 12 days before and it was measuring Remy at 8 pounds, which I knew was getting on the big end.

I ran and got my ultrasound completed and this time it measured Remy at 8 pounds and 10 ounces. I was excited that she was looking so healthy, but I was afraid that if she were to deliver naturally she would get stuck and things could get dangerous. I waited till the doctor called the next day and heard the news I was expecting; I was going to be having a C-Section the following day. I was so excited to meet my baby. However, I felt weird though, like the next morning would never come. I was not nervous, but my husband sure was. Even after a night of no sleep (I did not sleep well at all at night at that point), I was still not scared or nervous about what was about to happen, I was mostly in a daze or disbelief. I had been pregnant for what seemed like years and to look down and not see that big belly anymore, that was going to be strange. The only concern I had was how I would be as a mother. But, I tried to push that kind of thinking out of my head so that I would be calm for the procedure.

I woke up early so that I could straighten my hair…yeah I am not really sure why I did that either…My husband and I said goodbye to my family and headed to the hospital at 5:30 am. Excitement filled me. I listened to Korn, a CD that I listened to many times while pregnant, on the drive to pump myself up even more. I felt Remy kicking about me as she seemed to dance to the music like always. Once at the hospital, they checked us in right away, got us to my room, and started preparing me for surgery. I kept looking at the clock, knowing that soon I would be in surgery and see my baby for the first time. My husband was still nervous but was trying not to make me scared so he was working on keeping his cool.

After I was all hooked up to the IVs, my blood was drawn, and my cap and gown were on, it was time to head into the prep room. Here I was given a little sour drink, the heart monitors were attached, and my husband was given some food and drink so that he did not get sick during the procedure. After a little while, they wheeled me to the operating room and had my husband wait outside while they did the spinal. This is when I started to get nervous. I was not scared about the C-Section but of the spinal. The nurse rubbed my shoulders as they injected the medicine. It was way less painful than I thought it would be. But the fun part happened after (sarcasm).

I started to feel the medicine working from my toes up. Time started to pass slowly as I felt my body become paralyzed. It seemed to come on as soon as I laid down. I was focusing on breathing and I began to notice that it was becoming more and more difficult. My brain instantly went into panic mode and I told the doctors that I could not breathe. I lungs felt as if they were not working and I had to cough but I could not because of the spinal. The doctors put the breathing mask on my face and it just made it worse. I heard the anesthesiologist say that my blood pressure was dropping too low and they had to give me some medicine to bring it back up. I still could not breathe. I asked them to take the mask off and they told me that the oxygen was for the baby. They removed the one mask and replaced it with one that was a bit more high powered.

Things started to get better after that. I heard them say that my blood pressure was returning to normal and I felt air reach my lungs again. Then I threw up, which was great because I felt instantly better afterward. The doctors cleaned me up and asked me if I could feel them poking me. I could not and they brought my husband in for the procedure.

I was incredibly happy that he was in the room now. I told him I got sick and he gave a small laugh. He knows I have a horrible stomach and I told him I was afraid of getting sick. The doctor told me they were going to start and my heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest. I could not feel anything and then the anesthesiologist told my husband that he should hold my hand because I was going to feel some tugging. He grabbed my hand and squeezed. I was thankful that he did because the pressure and tugging started and it was weird. I said “Ow,” even though I really could not feel a thing.

After a little more pressure, the doctor said “Oh she is a big one and look at all that hair” and then “the cord is around her.” I was concerned at first but then I heard he say “Happy Birthday little girl,” and then my daughter let out a little cry. They lifted her up over the blue curtain so that my husband and I could see. She was absolutely beautiful. Tears instantly filled my eyes as they took her over to be cleaned off. I smiled at my husband and started to cry. As I watched them clean Remy off,  I realized that within 15 minutes, my whole world had changed. Everything was different. I was now a mother and had this amazing creature to care for.

When she was done being cleaned off, the nurses brought her over to me and let me kiss her before she and my husband left the room and I was closed up. The C-section went very well, even though it was discovered that I am allergic to morphine and most of the day after the c-section was spent vomiting by me. Though, I should have known I was allergic to morphine before since after my last surgery I had a horrible reaction and was in the ER for a while but the doctors were not sure which drug it was that gave me the reaction. Now I know and no more morphine for me!

As for Remy, she is a great girl! She also had her cord wrapped around her left shoulder, which I am not sure how that was missed with the 2 ultrasounds that I had a few days before. But I think with how she was laying in me they could not see her left side easily, so I guess that could be how it was missed. We were in the hospital for 3 days, which was not so bad. Everyone at the hospital was really nice and helpful with me and the baby. I have a lot of help at home, which is wonderful. The incision is not bothering me very much, but my lower abs are. But overall I have been doing really well.

Everything is going great! It is crazy just how much having a child changes your life. I was telling my husband that even though she was in me for what felt like forever that it was overwhelming just how much I love her. With this being my first child, I had no idea what to expect. But I can say that I am so happy and love my little girl so much.

The Geeky Mom!

Welcome to The Geeky Mom Blog! My name is Sarindre. I am 24 and currently 22 weeks pregnant with my first child, a little girl due Janurary 27th.  I am also an avid gamer, reader, and movie watcher, just to name a few hobbies. I decided to start a blog for the geeky moms out there where I could discuss video games, books, and the like along with focus on pregnancy and being a mom. I also write a Resto Druid Blog (Through the Eyes of a Tree) for World of Warcraft but I thought I would like to have a general blog where I could talk about more games, books, and babies!

Right now, I work a job as a financial analyst. It is a temporary job that I am for sure not in love with, but I will do so that I can save up some money. My husband works as a game tester for a gaming company here in Austin Texas (I know lucky right!). I am planning on going back to school here next fall. I have a bachelers in Psychology with a minor in Sociology and am about 15 credits into the MBA program. However, recently my husband and I moved from California to Texas and I have to switch schools, losing all but 6 of those credits. I am not sure what I would like to go to school for now. I may switch back to Psychology or even go to something new!

Here are some of the things I am taking part in currently:

Games –

  • World of Warcraft (Playing a Resto Druid)
  • Bioshock 1
  • Final Fantasy 13
  • Halo Reach
  • Starcraft 2

Books Reading Now –

  • Wicked by Gregory Maguire
  • The Eye of the World. Book 1 of The Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan

Books Just Finished –

  • Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin
  • Something Blue by Emily Giffin
  • Baby Proof by Emily Giffin

I will be writing about each of these topics in the upcoming weeks in the form of book and game reviews and along with adding some baby news and pregnancy talk.

So join me here at The Geeky Mom to talk about all things geek!