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Korn Countdown – Day 8

Today I would like to talk about a song that not only is with Jonathan Davis, but is also with another good band, Orgy. The song is “Revival” and let me tell you it can rock your socks off! The low growl in the voice and the rock/techno music make this song just a whole mess of happy! Orgy / JD – Revival


Korn Countdown – Day 7

Day 7 of the Korn countdown belongs to the song System from the Queen of the Damned soundtrack! I loved this movie since Jonathan Davis sang all of the songs and because Stuart Townsend is awesome. Though I will agree it was weird to see his voice come out of someone else’s mouth! Check it out here – Korn – System

Day 5 and 6 of the Korn Countdown!

Day 5 – “My Gift To You” (Track 25 on the album Follow the Leader) – Bagpipes, bagpipes, bagpipes! This song has….you guessed it amazing bagpipes! Not only that, but this song is deep and dark with great vocals! Korn – My Gift To You

Day 6 – “The Past” ( Track 8 on album Korn III – Remember Who You Are) – I love the overall tone of this song and the lyrics just seem to hit home. Korn – The Past

Stay tuned for more Korn days!

Korn Countdown Day 2, 3, and 4

Dang busy weekend not allowing me to post!

Countdown Continued:

Day 2 – “Y’all Want a Single” (Track 12 from the album Take A Look In The Mirror) . Just listen to that opening beat and the “Boom Boom Boom Boom.” What more could you want? Korn – Y’all Want a Single

Day 3 – “Word Up” (Track 2 from the Greatest Hits Album). Korn’s version of “Word Up” is awesome! I can just car dance to this song all day long! Korn – Word Up

Day 4 – This day is brought to you by my husband. I let him pick for today. He would like to recommend “K@#O%!”. This song is track 8 from the album Life is Peachy is in in fact just crazy! His reasoning for loving this song is because “any song that can say ‘Kentucky fried Kung-pow c**t’ is just awesome!” Korn – K@#0%!

Stay Tuned for more Countdown to Korn!

50 Shades update and 19 Days of Korn

First off….Dana over at DaneTrain.com decided to challenge me to reading the 50 Shade trilogy. I took her on with this since I have suffered though the Twilight series and Mockingjay.   I am about 75% completed with the first book and I can say that I just cannot stand the writing. It is like reading porn…well poorly written porn. I swear that every chapter has at least two sex scenes. And it seems like it is written by a five year old. But I digress, I will write a review on the entire book when I finish it.

Now onto more important matters! So on June 19th I will be seeing Korn in concert and I am beyond excited! Because of this I have decided to take after the 12 days of Christmas and start the 19 days of Korn! I will post a song that I love by Korn everyday (hopefully) and tell you why I love it.

Let’s start with a classic Korn song. “Blind” (Track 1 from the album Korn) Korn’s first album is amazing. It is hard, heavy, and I always thought the base line was killer. Do I have to mention that Jonathan Davis screaming is amazing. This is a classic Korn track and I will always love it. Check out the song and the video here: Korn – Blind