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The Death of Silent Hills and Some New Stuff!

The Death of Silent Hills

As most of you know by now, Silent Hills has been cancelled. Let’s take a moment of silence for that…

This is a few weeks late but since we were out of town camping and work has been insane, this is the first time I have had to sit down and think about what this means. Silent Hills is something that I have been waiting for. I have played Silent Hill 1, 2, 3, and 4 but I have not played the other side games or the ones on Vita or Wii or whichever platform they were on. But Silent Hills gave me hope in an often bleak survival horror genre. P.T. was something that was not only interesting but also scary. It reminded me of the times when I was in college and my best friend and I printed out all the walkthroughs for Silent Hill 1 – 4. We then confiscated a lounge at Pitt, closed all the blinds, turned the lights off, turned the TV up the whole way and made sure we did EVERYTHING in all the games. We would even pick which ending we wanted and tailor for that. There was screaming, laughing, shouting, and general commotion in the room as we beat the games for probably the tenth time each. There were times when the games scared us half to death and that was what I was looking for with the new Silent Hills, those moments that grabbed you and you would laugh about later after you remembered it was just a game.

hair demon

Now don’t get me wrong there are other great survival horror games out there, the Resident Evil series, Alien: Isolation, Dead Space, ect. But nothing has seemed to not only scare me like a Silent Hill game but also entertain me and keep me coming back for more. I even enjoyed the movies (I know, liking a video game movie is bad…) which hit a lot of the areas I wanted to see in a Silent Hill film. Plus there were some moments where I almost jumped out of my pants!

The moment that I saw P.T. I was super excited because this game felt even bigger and scarier than Silent Hill 2. This gave me hope for the future of survival horror games. Over the weekend we took time to play P.T., with my husband at the reins. There was jumping, yelling, laughing, and all around debauchery while we played. The scares were on point and the environment was great. My only complaint was the puzzles which seemed a bit more difficult than they needed to be and honestly without Googling we probably would have given up! But I get why they were that way, it was a playable trailer not the real game. They were testing expectations and trying to see what the audience thought. All in all, I loved P.T. and I wish Silent Hills was not dead.


What Does it all Mean?

Obviously this news of the cancelation is hard to swallow but we still knew/heard that Konami was going to work on other Silent Hill games which would at least continue the genre. It was a small victory but a victory none-the-less. Then it seemed like Konami took a few steps off the deep end when they announced they would be “pursu[ing] mobile games aggressively.” And also by saying “our main platform will be mobiles.” The CEO of Konami (Hideki Hatakawa) also goes onto say “The success of Power pro especially has motivated us to actively push more of our popular series onto mobile than ever before.” Queue the O.O face from a large portion of the gaming community and enter my brain telling me “well your chance at a new and amazing Silent Hill that is not on a mobile device is now slim to none”…awesome. Now I know that I could be just taking this to the extreme since I love the series, but I feel that Konami just signed Silent Hill death warrant. There is a chance in the far away future that I am wrong, but most of the evidence is leading me down the path of conviction.

I feel that this is a massive blow to the survival horror genre. There are a lot of games that are being labeled as survival horror that are zombie games and do not get me wrong they are fun, but to me they are not as scary as say Silent Hill 2. Even the new Resident Evil games do not have the same feel to me as they once did. I feel they have gone downhill since Resident Evil 4 and that is something hard to say as a self-proclaimed Resident Evil buff. To keep this genre fresh we need to have a game come out that WOWs us. We need something that had the same reaction as P.T. Maybe some of the new horror games coming out this year will help, Soma and Darkwood look promising. It is true that things come in waves so maybe soon our time will come.

How do you feel about the state of the survival horror genre?


New Stuff!

Now it is time for some new stuff! My husband, a friend of ours, and I have decided to start a podcast/website! It is called Geeks and Geeklets: An Adventure Guide to Gaming Parents (www.geeksandgeeklets.com) and is a site devoted to gaming, parenting, and all around geekery. Come join us as we balance our lives as gamers with parenting and as we watch our littles grow up surrounded by geek culture. The website will contain articles, tips & tricks, and eventually a podcast (in the works!). We are up and coming but would love for you to stop by and check things out!

Also, some of you might know that I run this site as a general gaming blog. Here I talk about other games (other than WoW which is found at sarindre.wordpress.com) I am playing and the joys/struggles of being a gamer mom. Well I will no longer be posting here and will be focusing these posts to the Geeks and Geeklets site. So if you have read and enjoyed The Geeky Mommy, hop on over to Geeks and Geeklets for similar content.

Geeks and Geeklets Contact Info:

Email – geeksandgeeklets@gmail.com

Site – www.geeksandgeeklets.com

Twitter – @ggeeklets

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/geeksandgeeklets

Tumblr – Geeks and Geeklets

Google+ –  Geeks and Geeklets

If you are interested in guest writing, please feel free to email us your post to geeksandgeeklets@gmail.com with the subject “Guest Post.”

Happy Gaming!


This Weekend in Gaming: Feeling the Final Fantasy Love, I Hate Androids, and What is Up with The Evil Within?

This weekend was a long one for me. I had off Good Friday and I took off Monday so I still feel like I am not back in the groove with the work week. Non-gaming wise we had a great few days off with the kids since it was finally nice out! Plus with Easter, there was egg hunting and basket finding galore. We also spent Saturday building a garden box for vegetables that we are going to (attempt) to grow this year. It was even haircut time for the kids and that even went remarkably well. Shocker!

Feeling the Final Fantasy Love

I talked before about playing FF8 and why I do not play FF7. Since it is still about a month until FF10 gets rereleased, I was looking at other Final Fantasy games that I could enjoy. Then I remembered that Final Fantasy Type-0 came out and if you bought it you could play the demo for FF15. SOLD!  I cannot lie, I do get a bit sceptical when it comes to Final Fantasy games (I am looking at you FF10-2 and 13-2) since there are some that are just lackluster for me. Now I did enjoy FF13, though I didn’t play it much and FF12 was Ok too but we decided to take a chance and get Type-0. We ended up downloading it on Saturday (hubby beat Bloodborne but was waiting for a friend to beat the game so they could start NG+ together) and tried it out. Since Type-0 downloaded first, we tried that out. I have to say that I rather enjoy it! The story at first was a bit confusing and you can definitely tell this was in Japanese and they just put English over it since the mouths will move at random times, but for a game that was on the Vita, it is great! The graphic are beautiful and not just in the cut scenes but in gameplay as well. I am also enjoying the combat. The open combat system that Final Fantasy has moved to is great. This time, they allow you to pull in various squad members and when someone dies you can replace them quickly. We are not too far along in the story or missions since we did our common Final Fantasy plan of levelling up all party members to much higher than needed to continue on…opps! At least now we are ready for anything that comes at us.

I Hate Androids

OK so I love Alien Isolation, I really really do. But one thing I do hate: androids. I hate them so much! Why are they so freakishly strong? How do they stop a flying wrench? And please explain how they can see me through walls; I know they don’t have x-ray vision! I am pretty good at sneaking though not from androids. PLUS, I continue to be very good at hiding away in lockers, except when there are androids around and their supersonic ears hear me breathing. Psst game, thanks for telling me about how to hold my breath in the locker right before the android pulled me out of it. Last night I finally got past mission 4 and the annoying androids. It was not done my sneaking or hiding because I feel that there is one section that you cannot sneak by. Let me give you the scenario:

There are about 3-4 androids patrolling this “C” shaped hallway (I marked their paths with red on the map below). They walk back and forth in predefined areas. However there is one section (in the blue box below) where there is an android that just stands there and watches over the stairs/back area. After about 30 tries, since he just stares there and even if you do not move and are hidden he will see you, I got caught and just RAN to the elevator. Luckily androids are slow and couldn’t keep up with me. I am not sure why I didn’t do that the first time…In the next mission I was able to see an Alien! He came out of the rafters and I hid in this little tiny box that would take me personally about 20 minutes to try and get inside and Ripley was in there in about 5 seconds. I am glad that I am finally past the dang androids and I sadly feel I will run into them again.


What is up with The Evil Within?

A few days ago I bought The Evil Within demo. When the game first came out, I was interested in playing it but I heard mixed reviews so I thought I would wait. When I saw that there was a free demo on Steam, I thought, why not. On Sunday night, when I was particularly mad at Alien: Isolation, I fired it up. The cut scene graphics were pretty good and the gameplay graphics were OK, but the first time I was able to take control of my character, I knew I was in trouble. Now, I will be the first to admit that I am not sure if this is my laptop running the game poorly (could be, but I never had any trouble with any other game) or not but man are the controls clunky. The character moves slowly with quick start and stop motions. When trying to turn he was jerky and the camera would swing around wildly. If you want to run you need to push up on the joystick and it is very unresponsive.

Now I have dealt with bad cameras and poor controls in survival horror games before with Resident Evil and Silent Hill series, but this one took the cake. When running from horrible monsters, it is nice to make sure you have complete control over your character especially when the one gets your leg with an unavoidable chainsaw and you are now limping around. The best thing that came out of playing the demo was the following exchange with my husband and I:

I am currently hiding in a locker (one of my strongest gaming traits) since I am being chased by a man with a chainsaw and my leg is all sliced open from or last encounter.

Me – “Do you think his chainsaw will ever run out of gas?”

Hubby – “Not before you run out of blood.”

End Scene

I might try the game again in the next day or two, but I will need to take extra special effort to work on getting the clunky controls down.

What did you play over the weekend?

This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off.”

Find your Rage Stage!

Last night I raged and really I didn’t just rage, I RAGED. I normally do not get mad at games. Sure I am upset in WoW when raid bosses do not go our way, but normally I do not get really frustrated with video games. I see it all the time though when the hubby is playing Dark Souls, Demon Souls, or Bloodborne (really any and all of the souls gaming are rage inducing) so I created the Four Stages of Rage.

Stage 1 – Grumbling

  • You have died or failed your objective once. It is annoying but you are pretty sure it will take just one more try and you will complete your objective. You might sigh a little bit or mumble to yourself some minor obscenities but really if you do beat that boss or complete the mission the next try, you knew you could and it is not a really big deal anyway
  • Rage factor = 1-3
  • Obscenity level = Minor – could be said in a PG movie
  • Common quote – “I got this.”

Stage 2 – Posture

  • OK so that first time you died, it was fine and it happens to the best of us and you were just learning the fight. But that second and third time were completely uncalled for. If you just sit up and focus you can beat the boss this time. Make that back nice and straight, scoot your butt up closer to the edge of the chair, place your feet firmly on the floor, and if you are playing with a controller, hold it steadily in front of you. Focus and you got this!
  • Rage factor = 4-6
  • Obscenity level – Mild – You are pushing into a PG13 rating
  • Common quote – “You have GOT to be kidding me! I mean c’mon how is that even possible.”

Stage 3 – Force

  • This is the fourth time you have died and it is crap. Nothing is going your way. First there are about 10 extra guys have to fight. Then the boss pulled out a totally BS ability and killed you in one shot. You squeeze your controller really hard or push the keys on your keyboard with more force than what is needed. You are pretty sure if you would just mash the “X” a bit more than the system would have registered it and you would have hit faster, harder, and wouldn’t have died. Sometimes you shake or tilt the controller and that is sure to help you dodge attacks. Everyone knows the more force you put behind your button mashing the better you do. You will definitely beat the boss now since you are using all of your strength!
  • Rage factor – 7-10
  • Obscenity level – Medium – You are a PG13 rating and one more F-word and you are going into an R mister!
  • Common quote – “This is horseshit! Did you see that? Did you? I see how my abilities just passes right through them and they hit me every time. I was like 40 feet away!”

Stage 4 – Rage Quit

  • That is it. You are done. The game is cheating and you are pretty sure there is someone on the other end playing the bosses and laughing at you as you die. You turn off the system before you throw the controller into the screen or bash the monitor with the keyboard. You will have to wait and play until you cool down some. It could be 1/2 an hour or three weeks. But a break is needed for sure.
  • Rage factor = Turn it up to 11
  • Obscenity level – You are rated R, but some of those words you are using are confusing the MPAA since they are a mix of 2-3 curse words and you might just be banned from theaters.
  • Common quote – “Fuck this game.”

Like I said, last night I RAGED. I hit stage four after I died five times to some stupid androids, who cheat and  know where you are at all times no matter how sneaky you are. Oh and they choke the life out of you and no matter how fast you mash the A button you cannot beat them more than once. Plus the jerks grabbed my wrench mid air! Screw that game….I am done….until tonight that is. And tonight those androids will have no idea what is coming.

Warhammer Fun!

A few months ago, maybe about six, my husband got into Warhammer. Some guys at his work wanted to play and he finally broke down and did. After the first time he went to play, he loved it and he would not stop talking about it. He created a Chaos army and started to buy pieces for it. Eventually he wore me down and for Christmas he ended up getting me some Warhammer figures. I started with the Wood Elves since I love elves and reading their abilities and looking at their figures they were my favorite. I ended up building an army which includes:

  • Spellweaver x 1 – 295
    • Channeling Staff
    • Crown of Command
    • Elven Steed
  • Spellsinger x 1 – 155
    • Dispell Scroll
    • Elven Steed
  • Glade Guard x 36 (three groups of 12) – 210 per group
    • Lord’s Bowman (one in each group)
  • Dryads x 18 – 208
    • Branch Nymph
  • Sisters of the Thorn x 10 – 290
    • Handmaiden of the Thorn
    • Steed of Isha
  • Treeman x 1 – 245
  • Waywatchers x 16 (two groups of 8) – 170 per group
    • Waywatcher Sentinel (one in each group)
  • Wardancers x 15 (three groups of 5) – 85 per group
    • Bladesinger (one in each group)

Total points – 2418

I got a good bit of the ones I needed but I still need more! Plus, I have over half of them built but have not painted any of them yet. There are some great pieces in this army and I am learning how to have them work together to be effective. I end up putting Spellweaver and Spellsinger with the Sisters of the Thorn and I try to have them get behind the army I am facing to attack with their spears from behind. Since the Waywatchers can be placed anywhere because of the scout ability, I try to have them place last and flank the army I am facing.  They end of doing a ridiculous amount of damage if I can keep them away from melee.

I have played against only two different armies so far: Chaos and Trolls. I ended up beating the Trolls but they did give me some trouble. Having played the Chaos army about 15 times I can say I have only beat them probably about two times…yes just two. The Chaos army is a beast! I know that as elves I need to keep a distance, keep shooting, and really roll well, but sometimes lady luck is not on my side. If the Chaos army gets in melee range with me, it is over. Plus he runs with the Demon Price which is the MOST annoying character of all time. I mean I hate it to my core. I think it comes with a secret cheat code to win the game automatically, but that is just my opinion. We have not played in a bit since we have been WoWing it up, but we will need to again here soon. Here are two pictures of what I have put together so far. January_02__2015_at_1125AM December_29__2014_at_1113AM


“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”

Well Hello There!

Hello all! Long time no see. You might wonder where I have been but this blog is called Geeky Mommy, so I bet you can guess! That’s right; I have been busy being a mom to a 4 year old girl (Remy) and a 1 year old boy (Logan), oh and an 8 month old puppy (Thor) who is probably a bigger baby than the children combined. I also went back and finished my MBA and now work as a Business Analyst, which I love! We bought a house in June in the school district we really wanted to be in and we plan on making the attic a play/game room this spring and into fall probably.

On the geeky side of my life I have been playing WoW again (and writing my WoW blog) and it has been my primary game. I have also played Hearthstone, Diablo 3, Civ 5 (amazing still to this day), and Portal 2. My husband and I even were dabbling in table top role playing games again with friends which systems included World of Darkness and a system that a friend made up. Board games have also made a big appearance in our lives where we have been playing Dominion, Thunderstone and others. We have also played some more Magic and finally got into Warhammer (wood elves for me of course). Plus I have read a massive amount of books and seen an equally massive amount of movies. Some of these items I will be talking about in the next few weeks.

I am looking forward to talking about books, movies, games, and babies!

I am starting up ending with a movie quote again! Do you know this movie title? – “My mommy always said there were no monsters – no real ones – but there are.”

PS – notice anything geeky about the names of our kids?

Update and Some.

As all of you can imagine, moving makes you very very busy. Well this is true. So I have not been able to post much because I have been working during the day and playing Fable 3 packing a ton of boxes in the evening. D-Day is next week and we still have a ton to do. Ok…ok…my husband has a ton to do because he is not working and should be packing all day, not playing Fable 3 or Fallout 3 or League of Legends ( I know what you are really doing! Get off the interwebs 🙂  ). I am restricting myself due to the whole 7 months pregnant thing along with the great ability I have to fall asleep at 8 every night!  

I have been doing a lot of blog reading though, so check out my blog roll for some good stuff! My goal is to write a ton of posts that will pop up during the move so that I will not have to write in the car…which would end very very badly.

Also Monday November 1st marks the first day of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) where writers of all sorts take the month of November and write 50,000 words! Not as easy as it sounds but it rounds out to about 1,667 words a day. This will be the third year I am participating in this epic event. I would recommend to anyone who even enjoys writing just a little bit to try it out. Heck you can even write about WoW! Get some friends and participate in some write-in’s, they truly are the best way to get the word juices flowing. Anyone out there participating in NaNoWriMo this year?

Finally, a quick discussion. I know we are all gamers, and we all love to game. However, there are some people who just take it way too far and hurt those around them with their “addictions.” While reading Kotaku this morning, I happened along a post about a woman who killed her child because they were interrupting her Farmville time…yes you just read that correctly, a Facebook game has driven someone to murder. For reference, find the article here.

I am just appalled and frankly, I am not sure what else to say. This is wrong on so many levels, not that murder in general is not wrong, but to let a game affect you that much is just sad. Not that this needs to be said, but when a game is getting you to the point of anger and rage, just stop, take a breath, and walk away from the game. No game is that important to ruin your or someone elses life. So please remember, game with love, not with anger. Games are supposed to bring us joy, not sorrow.

What were your reactions to this article?

So I Had a Nightmare and the Story Behind My Love of Sports

I sat there watching the Steelers Ravens game on the T.V I could see all of the Steelers players but it seemed like they were playing themselves and rather badly I might add. The scores were blank at the top and it was like I was getting a first person view of the game. I could see Troy Polamalu running around like a mad man and jumping at the chance to get the ball, but things we just not falling into place.

My heart was pounding, I was so disappointed that I was watching my Steelers lose so badly, but I really could not tell how badly it was going. My husband was sitting beside me and made a comment that the scores were blanked out because of how horrible the loss was. He also was laughing at my loss. (PS…Honey…your team is 0-3…just saying! =P )

Finally it was like my eyes focused and I could see the score…this is so hard just to repeat. It was 75-0. Yes, it was that bad. I woke up in a panic only to realize it was 2 in the morning and the Steelers could not possibly lose to the Ravens that badly. Heck I am banking on a win from them! Well I know we can win, even with out Ben there this week.


Yes, I like sports. Not all sports mind you (Basketball does nothing for me), but I really love Football, Boxing, and Hockey. When I was younger, I would never watch sports. In fact, I thought they were dumb. I mean what is the point?! Well on January 19th, 2006, my grandfather, the man who raised me, passed away. He had Mesothelioma. Five years before he died he had Lymphoma but beat it. He was the strongest man I ever met and I miss him to this day. I called him Popple when I was first learning to talk and it stuck around to where my entire family called him it and we still do to this day.

Popple loved sports. He watched them all. From boxing to baseball, he loved it all. When I could not sleep, I would sit in the living room with him and watch him watch his sports. I thought it was boring and trivial, but something about him made me like to sit there and take it all in.

On Christmas day in 2005, he was sick. We all knew it but we really did not want to say anything. He claimed it was just a flu, maybe even a bad chest cold. Even though I was too big, I sat on his lap that Christmas, like I always did. Popple told me then that the Steelers were going to win the Super Bowl that year. I just giggled and went along with it.

January 2nd, they took Popple to the hospital and he stayed there until he died. It turns out he had a collapsed lung that he had been living with and working the farm with it for a few weeks. No one could believe it. But, that is just how strong he was. Things went downhill fast after that. I miss him very much and even gave a eulogy at his funeral.

On February 5th, 2006 I sat in my dorm room and watched the Steelers win their 5th Super Bowl. As I watched I knew why I watched it. I knew it was for my Popple, but I was seeing what he saw for the first time. I enjoyed the game, was even happy to watch more sports after it.

Do I only love sports because of my grandfather? No. Did I start watching them because of his influence? Yes. Now every time the Steelers or Penguins have a win I think “That one is for you Popple.”

Let’s hope he gets another win this weekend.