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Day 12: Things I Do Not Leave the House Without

There are a few things that I do not leave the house with:

  1. Purse – I think this is true for most woman. We keep everything we need in our purses and to leave home without it would be like leaving home without our heads! In my purse are essentials like my wallet, keys, and checkbook and not essentials like gum, chapstick, and a notebook.
  2. Phone – My phone is always around me. Not only for calls, but for text and emails too. I feel seriously lost without it. Plus I like to have it when I am driving anywhere in case there is an accident.
  3. Diaper Bag – Now with the baby, when I am taking her anywhere I need to make sure I have the diaper bag, or else there could be trouble. In the diaper bag there are bottles, diapers, wipes, burpie cloths, an extra outfit, diaper cream, pretty much everything my baby has!

What do you not leave your home without?