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Classic Movie Monday Presents: Rocky Horror Picture Show

Title: Rocky Horror Picture Show

Director: Jim Sharman

Release Date: September 26, 1975

Running Time: 100 minutes


  • Tim Curry
  • Susan Sarandon
  • Meat Loaf

Rating: 5 out of 5 of course

Synopsis: Let’s do the time warp again! A man (Brad) and woman (Janet) get engaged after their friends wedding. On a road trip to visit an old professor (Dr. Scott), their car breaks down in front of a creepy old house which is holding a party. Looking to use the phone, Brad and Janet get pulled into a world of transvestites, lasers, and risky business. Watch as this musical unfolds a story about a mad scientist and his creation. But beware there is a bit of nudity.


Memorable Quotes:

Dr. Everett Scott: Janet!
Janet: Dr. Scott!
Brad: Janet!
Janet: Brad!
Frank: Rocky!
[Rocky grunts]
Dr. Everett Scott: Janet!
Janet: Dr. Scott!
Brad: Janet!
Janet: Brad!
Frank: Rocky!
[Rocky grunts]

The Criminologist: It’s just a jump to the left.
All: And then a step to the right!
The Criminologist: With your hands on your hips…
All: You bring your knees in tight! But it’s the pelvic thrust / That really drives you insane / Let’s do the time warp again!

Frank: Oh, I just love success!
Riff Raff: He’s a credit to your genius, Master.
Frank: Yes!
Magenta: A triumph of your will.
Frank: Yes!
Columbia: He’s OK!
Frank: OK? OK? I think we can do better than that! Well Brad and Janet, what do you think of him?
Janet: Well, I don’t like men with too many muscles.
Frank: I didn’t make him for you!… He carries the Charles Atlas seal of approval.

Fun Fact: On October 26, 2010 Glee had their own version of Rocky Horror calling it “The Rocky Horror Glee Show.”

Final Thoughts: I love this risky musical! The songs are catchy and the characters memorable. It is a cult classic that will withstand the tests of time.

Happy Monday to all!!


The Fall Line-Up

I love T.V and T.V loves me. I am one of those people who will sit on the couch all day and just watch it. There are so many other things I could be doing with my time, but once I start watching, I just cannot be dragged away. For instance, yesterday there was a Law & Order: Special Victims Unit marathon on, well with my husband at class and no WoW raids happening, I plopped my happy butt on the couch to enjoy in some Benson and Stabler goodness.  Now, let me just add that most of the time I do not just watch T.V, but I also read, blog, and browse the internet with my laptop while I sit there, so not all my time is wasted. 

This brings me to the new Fall shows! I am always so excited when the Fall programming begins. After True Blood ends, I am always itching to start watching my Fall shows. This year, I have four shows that I am watching: House, Glee, Law & Order:SVU, and Supernatural.  This being only the second week of the start of these shows, I cannot say much about how each season is going but I can give a little info (without ruining too much I promise!) for what we can expect.

***Possible spoilers and synopsis of previous seasons!***

You have been warned! 😀

House – I am super excited to see where House will go this season. I have been watching it on T.V for four years now and I own all the seasons. I have probably watched each box set about 7 times. The show is just very addicting for me.

Last season, House was placed in a psychiatric care facility in order to get treatment for his Vicodin addiction. After trying to derail his treatment, House eventually agrees to the therapy his doctor is prescribing. Foreman “runs” the department until House gets his medical licence back (episode 8).

Chase purposely mixes up blood test results of an African politician named Dibala. He is treated for the wrong illness and dies. Chases struggles with his decision and tells Foreman. They both live in guilt for the rest of the season.

Cuddy is with Lucus (House’s private investigator). Wilson is dating his ex-wife. House tests both relationships and hangs out with his team on the off time.

In the season finale there is a crane that collapses and causes people to be trapped underneath a building. House finds a woman who the rescuers cannot get to. He spends half his time sitting with her while rubble is crushing her leg and the rest of the time he tries to diagnose the crane operator. House struggles with the idea to amputate while Cuddy pushes him to. After all their best efforts, the must amputate and the woman dies. House is having issues deal with the death and is ready to take his Vicodin again when Cuddy comes to his house and confesses her feelings for him. The season ends in their kiss.

The first two episodes of season seven are moving right along with Cuddy and Houses relationship and I have quite enjoyed their interactions. the cases are cool as well. I love how they always think it is one thing and then it is really another. For me that never gets old! I am very excited to see how this progresses.

Glee –  I did not watch the first part of season one of Glee last season when it aired, but I bought it when it came out on DVD and watched the second part of the season on TV. I was not really sure how I would like the show, but let me just say I AM IN LOVE! I adore anything that is musical like and for me this is like getting to watch a new musical every week. Plus the vocals and dances are so impressive to watch, I am literally blown away with each episode.

Last season, Spanish teacher Will Schuester decides to take over Glee Club after the former teacher was fired. Will recruits a group of misfit performers for the group. The first part of the season takes you to Sectionals where the Glee Club wins landing them in a place at Regionals which is the finale for the second part of the first season. The season was packed with so much, it is really hard to give a clear synopsis. If you are interesting in episode play-by-plays check out Glee Episode Lists.

The second season is already off to a GREAT start. They are letting other characters shine like Brittany, who really is an amazing singer and dancer. I just took a sneak peek and it turns out Episode 5, which airs on October 26th will be a Rocky Horror Picture Show based episode. I am PUMPED! I love RHPS and cannot wait to see what they can do.   I have dreamt of this episode. 🙂

Law & Order: SVU – I have to admit, I have been a bit lax on watching this show over the years. The time always conflicted with another show and I would just watch reruns on USA. But this season I am watching it when it airs. The first 2 episodes were really really good. They made me remember why I watched the show in the first place. I love Benson and Stabler and their ability to kick some bad guy butt.

Supernatural – I have been a fan of this show since the first episode aired. I mean who would not love watching two hot guys fight monsters and drive a GREAT car? The seasons have been getting better and better, grabbing hold of the major plot.

Last season was epic. And I mean life altering epic. How about this…Apocalypse epic! Yes, you heard right, last season was all about the apocolypse and let me just say it got big. There were laughs, there were tears, and there was pure enjoyment. I will not go into much detail since the season was packed full of so much. But I would suggest picking up the box set, heck pick them all of and watch one of the best shows on T.V.

I honestly thought they were not going to do another season. I mean what else can happen after you stop the Apocalypse? Well they are and I am stoked! The first episode was great. Just seeing Sam and Dean together again and working a job was so prefect. I cannot wait to see what type of monsters they will face this season.


My Fall line-up is complete and I am super happy. There were other shows I was thinking about checking out this year, but I have not yet. I have heard great things about The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother (honestly who does not love a little Neil Patrick Harris?). I have started watching the reruns of How I Met Your Mother and I thought I would need to see it all before I watched the new season. Would I be confused if I just started watching the new episodes? How about The Big Bang Theory? Anyone love that show?

What are your favorites this Fall? Anything else I should be watching?