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Day 30: Picture of myself and 5 good things since I started the challenge.

Well yesterday was the last day, actually a few days ago, but I was suppose to finish my 30 days yesterday. Well, yesterday was a bad day and I will go into more of that with another post. Here is my final challenge: a picture of me today and 5 good things that have happened since I started the challenge.

Here is a picture of me and Remy taken this morning:

  1. My husband and uncle started our basement room. Space is needed and we are finally going to get it.
  2. I started working out. I work out a lot now and I feel way better about myself.
  3. I started Zumba. This is part of my working out, but I am so glad that I take this class.
  4. I joined two book clubs. I love to read and these are opening up my world to all new books!
  5. Remy has been making so many advances. She loves to sit up. She coos. I just love watching her grow up in front of my eyes.

I have loved doing this challenge and I think it was a great experience. Plus it got me to write a lot more! Now what to write about…..?


Day 29: Three Wishes

Man I have done bad the past few days! Well it does not help that we had a power outage most of the day yesterday, but the other two days I have no excuse! Except that I am super excited about the room that is being built for my husband and I in the basement. They are getting closer and closer to getting it all done and I and just so excited. I am gonna take some pictures and post them to show what it is all looking like. Anyway, here is to Day 29, my three wishes.

  1. I wish a happy and fulfilled life for my husband, daughter and any other children I might have. I want my husband to be happy and to know I love him all the time. I want him to be satisfied in our marriage.  I want my children to love their lives and to be the best that they can be in every situation.
  2. I wish my sister would be cured. She has a brain tumor called a JPA and everyday can be rough. Currently, she is on chemo for it but it makes her so weak. She cannot even go back to school. I wish this would all go away for her.
  3. I wish my family could be in a better situation. Times are hard and it seems like the people that are hit the most are the ones just trying to make a honest living and just get by. I wish times could get a bit easier.

What are your three wishes?

Day 28: Something that Stresses Me Out

Stress is no fun, really not at all. And, of course, stress is everywhere for me lately. With everything from being a first time mother to moving back to home for the first time in 4 years, stress just eats at me. Currently, there are seven people in our house, including the baby. That is a lot of people to live with and it is not easy after being with just my husband for many years. Right now, my husband and my uncle are working on fixing up the basement and turning it into an apartment for us to give us some space. I am very happy about that and just hearing the news has helped the stress.

My daughter does not stress me out, because she really is a great girl. But hormones that I still have floating in my system are starting to ware at me. Things can just set me off the wrong way and I notice that I get annoyed very easily. I cannot wait till they start working their way towards normal.

The final thing that is stressing me out is my sister’s situation. My sister is 19 and she has a JPA or Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma and has been sick since she was 14. She has gone through surgery, chemo, and a lot of rehab. She was off chemo for 6 months and now has to go back on it because the tumor has grown. The chemo is rough on her body and making her sick. This is so stressful for our entire family. But we are getting though it day by day and hoping that this chemo will do the job.

What stresses you out?

Day 27: Original Photo of the City I Live In…

Oh no! I missed yesterday to post this challenge. But that is what happens when you have an 11 week old.

So I look at this daily challenge, and there is no photo that I have taken of the city that I like in. Odd I know but I have just never been a picture taker unless it is of friends, family, or the baby. But I do have a picture of Austin when we used to live there and we went for the Fourth of July fireworks. I should really take some pictures of Pittsburgh…but I really do not do to the city very often!

Day 26: Your Dream Wedding

My husband and I got married on a Saturday in Reno. We actually decided that night before that we were going. We were married in a little church with just the two of us and the minister. It was a great trip and very special with just the two of us. For us, this was ideal and the best we could have.

Like most girls, I wish I could have had the big wedding with tons of people and a beautiful dress (white with black lace). Before we went off to Reno, I had the perfect dress picked out and guest list made up. My color scheme was black, white, and red. There was going to be red flowers and black table cloths with white trimmings. I wanted lots of candle light. The reception was going to be a big party where we could hang with our friends, dance, and eat lots of food.  But the cost of a wedding is very high and was not manageable at the time for us.

We would still like to have a big wedding someday when we have the money, but for now we are happy with our special little ceremony.

Day 25: The First 10 Songs on my iPod Shuffled!

  1. “The Kill”  – 30 Seconds to Mars
  2. “Like Suicide” – Seether
  3. “Here to Stay” – Korn
  4. “Clown” – Korn
  5. “Eyes-Radio-Lies” – Orgy
  6. “Break” – Three Days Grace
  7. “Dear God” – Avenged Sevenfold
  8. “The Leaving Song” – A.F.I.
  9. “Never Enough” – Papa Roach
  10. ” I Will Protect You” – Korn

What are the first ten songs on your iPod?

Day 24: Something I’ve Learned

Something I have learned…I have learned a lot over the years and I seem to be learning more everyday. Most of this learning has to do with the new baby. I learn more about her and myself as a mother everyday. Some of it is hard to put into words. I have learned that I love my daughter more than anything and I am so happy me and my husband have her. I also know that I want to have more kids someday because I know how much I could love them too.

I have also learned that I need my own space. I need to be able to function and live my life. This is really hard when you live in a house with as many people as we do. I feel like I do not have any of my own space and I do not have anything that is my own. This is really nerve wracking and I cannot wait till I can get into my own place. This will not be till my husband is out of school, which will be a while, so I will just need to put up with it for a while. I am happy that my family has given me a place to stay, but everyone needs their space.

What have you learned?

Day 23: Favorite Music

I love music, but I will be honest, not every kind. I would say I like rock, to place a broad label on it. But to try and narrow it down here are a few of my favorite bands:

  1. Korn
  2. Avenged Sevenfold
  3. Three Days Grace
  4. Orgy
  5. AFI
  6. 10 Years
  7. Stone Sour

What kind of music do you like?

Day 22: What’s in my Purse?

Like every woman, my purse is mostly packed with stuff I really do not need, but I just do not clean it out because I think I need it all!

  1. Of course, I have things like my wallet and checkbook. These are important for everyday life, well mostly important for buying things that I really do not need to buy.
  2. I have 2 packs of gum, wintergreen and mint chocolate chip flavor.
  3. A pocket mirror.
  4. Sunglasses, which I get mad when I cannot wear because I have my glasses on.
  5. Lipstick and eyeliner. Never know when you will need some makeup!
  6. Chapstick.
  7. A mini notebook. You never know when you need to take some notes.
  8. Receipts. I throw them all in my purse, really they are just garbage.

What is in your purse?

Day 21: My Favorite Picture of Myself of all Time and Why…

I really do not like to take pictures of myself. I really do not think I look very good in pictures. But if I had to pick one of all the pictures I have available this would be my favorite:

This is the second picture of my baby with me. She was only 11 days old here and I look completely beat, but she looks like she is smiling up at me.I love her cute little outfit here as well! We just got professional pictures taken, so I soon as I get them, I will post the one of me and my husband, which is an amazing picture of the two of us. And we have one of my husband, Remy, and I. I cannot wait to get them!

What is your favorite picture of yourself?