Book: Chapter Eight

This is the last chapter that I have typed up so far and it is not even completed yet! I am hoping to continue to type up a chapter a day…lets see how it goes!  Comments and emails are welcome! 🙂

****Warning, this is not a PG novel. There is language! So, if you are offended by words, I would not read.****


I awoke to a light knock at my door, “Honey, you in there? Jonathan and Ryan are here to see you,” my mom said softly.

I glanced up at my clock. It was only 8:30. “Give me a minute.” I replied while I hopped out of bed and into the bathroom. I desperately needed a shower but that would have to wait. I through on a black tank top and jeans, and through my hair back in a ponytail. I opened the door to my room to see Jonathan and Ryan sitting at the kitchen table with my mom and dad. My mom had coffee ready and was cooking eggs at the stove. I hated eggs.

Jonathan was in his usual flannel shirt and jeans. Ryan wore a gray shirt, dark jeans, and a leather jacket. Leave it to him to make everyone else in the room look poor. My mother, Liz, was sporting a red shirt and jeans. My father who I knew had been up since 6 am like always was in his blue shirt and overalls. His graying hair was combed over to hide his balding head. My father, Richard, was reading the paper. I took the empty seat next to him.

“What are you guys doing here so early?” I poured myself a cup of coffee and grabbed some toast off the plate in the center of the table.

“We came to ask you a favor Aish. I need your help with a little venture in the city.” Good old Ryan, always quick to the point.

“What kinda venture?” I asked taking a swig of coffee.

“Well you know that bar I own on the Strip District? BMR?”

“I’ve heard of it,” I said smiling a bit. I did not mention that I frequented there about 5 to 6 times a month. My parents did not need to know about my extracurricular activities.

“Well, I was wondering if you would be able to run the place for me. I mean we need a new manager there and I thought you would be perfect. Plus, above the bar is a huge four bedroom apartment, which you of course could live in free of charge. I will even pay you for running the joint.” He smiled his charming grin. This must have been their plan for getting me off the reserve safely. The offer was good too.

“Aisha,” my mother looked up from her cooking as she spoke, “you do not need to lie to your father and I. I know that when I grabbed your shoulder last night, you did not even flinch from the pain. And I know you should still be feeling the side effects of those wounds. So do not play us like we are dumb.” My father lowered his paper to look at me. “We love you Aisha and all we want is your safety. If running that little bar in the city will help keep you safe, then you do it. But you just remember where you home really is.”

I smiled at the both of them, “Alight Ryan, you heard them. Looks like I’m running the bar.”

“Excellent. Now we already delievered the news to Razzi and Jalal and they are packing right now-“

“Wait what? Razzi and Jalal are coming too?”

“Of course,” Jonathan interjected, “We do not break up packs around here.”

“But we are not a pack.”

“Not yet.” Jonathan replied.

“Kin cannot be pack members. They can assist the pack but they cannot fully become a member.” I knew the laws of the pack and they were firm.

“Well Aish, we know there are exceptions to every rule don’t we?”

He gave me a soft smile and I returned it. “Alright then. I should go and pack.” I stood slowly from my seat and taking a fast bite of toast. I made eye contact with Jonathan and Ryan and glanced to my door, hoping they would get the hint.

Think you might need some help?” Ryan asked.

Sure, I always need big, strong men to do my heavy lifting. Plus we can go over some bar details.” I walked to my room with the two of them following. I closed the door behind us. “Alright guys, let’s talk. What is the real reason for sending those two with me?”

We thought that with the whole package situation you could use some company.” Jonathan said.

Aish, we could not find any prints but yours and Jonathans on the pictures. And there were no numbers on the back to trace to a store. It looks like they were printed directly from a camera printer. As for the bar, I could really use someone to watch over it. Plus I knew you guys go there often to party. So it will be like a party for you every day.” He laughed.

But it is more than that,” Jonathan shot Ryan a dirty look. “If you are being followed, we want you to have some protection. Plus, since Razzi was in the picture too, it is best to get her out of here as well. We need to keep the reserve safe at all costs. And there are some possible ways you can help out the reserve from the city, checking out some people, that kinda thing. Are you ok with all of this?”

Of course I am.” I grabbed a suitcase out of the closet and started packing my clothes into it. “Ryan, is the place furnished?”

You know it is. Only the best for my girl.” He smiled.

Jonathan looked at him, “Can you give us a few?”

Sure, but don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” Ryan said laughing as he walked out the door.

I kept packing, not looking up to Jonathan. This was awkward, after last night I was really not sure how to face him again.

He broke the silence first, “Aish will you please look at me?”

I stopped putting clothes in the suitcase and turned to look at Jonathan. Even now my heart melted when I looked into his eyes. “I’m looking.” I said jokingly.

What happened last night, I want to apologize for. I was over taken by everything that happened. And when you comforted me that afternoon, I was so happy and comfortable in your arms. When you left last night, you said that you loved me too much to let anything like that happen. Was that true?”

Not was Jonathan that comment was not some fleeting moment. It is how I have felt about you for many years. I have loved you before I even knew what love was. Now I cannot love you and you can’t even begin to love me. I am a magic user, an enemy.”

We don’t know that for sure. Sara could be wrong.”

I grabbed my switch blade from the dresser and opened it up. I held out my arm and slid the blade down, slicing the skin. Blood poured out of the wound.

Oh my God Aish, what do you think you are doing?” He rushed over to me grabbing the wound with his hand, trying to stop the bleeding.

I pushed his hand away, “just watch.” I moved the cut to my mouth and let my tongue gently lick it. I envisioned the skin closing and the body healing back to its original form. I moved my arm away from my mouth, showing Jonathan the now closed wound. His eyes widened. “See, I am evil. I am a monster.”

Jonathan touched my arm lightly, “Oh Aisha. You are not a monster. You are perfect. And now with this,” he ran his fingers over the closed wound and sighed. “With this, you are unique and I desire you even more.” He placed his hand on my cheek, stroking it gently with his fingers. “Why have you never told me how you felt before?”

Because you deserve better. You deserve a Kin who can give you a shifter child, a kin who is born of a werewolf and a kin. I am not. “

You think that is all that matters to me? Having the perfect offspring is not what I want in my heart. Now, having a relationship with you, being with you, having children with you, now that is my idea of perfect.” He sat down on my bed and I followed suit. “You have been the girl of my dreams for years, and I had no idea I was the man of yours. If I would have known how you felt,” he sighed as he glanced to the floor and then back to me, “well let’s just say you would not be living here with your folks and needing to bar hop every night.” I looked down at the ground, soft tears running down my cheek. “Maybe we would not be in this situation now, but I cannot let you go now. I cannot let you run off to the city with something following you around.” He grabbed my chin gently and turned my face to his, kissing my lips softly. “I love you.”

I pulled back, “God Jonathan you have no idea how long I have waited to hear all that from you. And I want to be with you more than anything, but it is impossible now. I will not have you risk your name and the reserve over me. We have a good thing going here and a lot of people depend on this place for a home. And the spirits, what about them? We can’t let this place go down for our own selfish reasons.”

But I would risk it all for you.”

With that I pulled my hand back and slapped him hard across the cheek. I knew it did not hurt, but I did not care. I was making a point.


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