Book: Chapter Seven

Day six of novel chapters, which still require a lot of edits. Sneaky, sneaky, I skipped a chapter! Actually, I lost a whole chapter and I am not sure how. I opened the document and it was just gone. Now I need to retype it all up….which with the baby could take some time. But I do not want to break up the flow, so here is chapter seven. Comments and emails are welcome! 🙂

****Warning, this is not a PG novel. There is language! So, if you are offended by words, I would not read.****


I sat there for a moment analyzing the situation: Jonathan kissed me, I received a box with pictures of me and the accident and Connor’s horn. Ok so Jonathan kissing me was not really part of the situation, but it was a nice parting gift. I then knew who could probably help me. Ryan was the resident techy, and he could probably trace the pictures to some sort of source. There could even be some prints on them. I picked up the phone and quickly dialed his number.

Talk to me.” A sharp voice answered. Ryan always tried to find a way to be a smooth operator.

You know you are really not cool enough to say things like that, especially when you are answering the phone.”

Ouch Babe, you know how to cut me to the core.” I could just hear the smile seeping through this voice.

Don’t you go all playboy with me. You know I can kick your ass.” Actually he was totally doable but Razzi would have killed me…again. “The truth of the matter is that I need your help.” I told him the whole story, well not the whole story; I left out the crying and the kissing. There were just some things you did not tell Ryan.

How many pictures are there again? Five?”

Yes. Think you can trace them?”

I will see what I can do. I will meet you at your place before Connor’s ceremony. I can get them off you then.”

Thanks Ryan, I own you one.”

Just wear a miniskirt tonight and we will call it even.” I could hear him snickering in the background.

You’re a dick!” I said as I clicked the phone shut. I smiled to myself knowing it was good to have friends like him.

There was to be a full moon celebration tonight, however it was changed to a Passover ceremony for Connor. I was to be Melissa’s second as Rite Mistress. She was teaching me the rituals of werewolf culture and this was to be my eighth lesson but first time in practice. Even though I was not a werewolf and could not conjure the spirits, Melissa felt that participation in the rite was crucial to my studies. I had agreed, until now. I was just hoping that I was able to perform the ritual without some crazy healing shit happening for all to see. And with the way today was going, I could only pray tonight would be much better.

At around eight o’clock, there was a knock at my door. The ceremony did not begin till nine, but it was good that Ryan was early. I was already dressed in my garb: a traditional form fitting white robe and nothing else. It was not see through, but it was sheer enough that if you looked really hard you could possibly catch a glimpse of something.  However, this is why the rituals were usually performed at night, at least that is what I told myself.

I opened the door to Ryans smiling face. He looked me up and down, “they gave you a nice robe I see.”

Wipe that shit eating grin off your face. You know they make us wear these things.”

Oh I know, but I rarely get to see them on in the light. Let me tell you,” he leaned in close to my ear and whispered, “It’s a much better view.”

I rolled my eyes and quickly crossed my arms in front of my chest. “Perv!” I commented as I started heading towards my bedroom.

The view is much better from behind,” Ryan snickered.

I am just gonna pretend that I did not hear that,” I yelled back. I opened the door to my room and suddenly felt hands on my outer thighs and a body pressed against my back.

Aisha,” he whispered, “let me be yours. We would make beautiful werewolf children “

Ryan, think I do not know about you? How your little swimmers don’t survive the trip”

Well,” he sighed, “can’t we just fuck like bunnies and no one is the wiser?” he started to move his hands around my thighs to a more intimate location.

I quickly grabbed his hands to stop them. “Ryan, there are a few reasons why this cannot go any further, none of which I can tell you about.” I pushed his hands down and grabbed the pictures from the bed. I spun in the small space between him and the bed, holding the pictures up to my face so he could see them. “So, let’s talk about some important matters.”

He smiled taking the pictures from my hands, and looking through them slowly. His demeanor changed instantly, “Aish are you sure no one was following you?”

Not that I could see. Besides, I was driving too fast to really tell. Razzi freaking out and shifting sort of breaks my concentration.”

Oh I bet. What happened that night anyway? She is too stubborn to talk about it.”

Well she was dating that loser Chris from that dance club in Pittsburgh. We surprised him by picking him up from his house before we went out on Friday. Turns out, we were the ones surprised when a girl in a bra and panties answered the door, completely high I might add.” I laughed, “you should have seen how hard she hit the ground when Razzi just smashed her fist into the girls sluttly little face.”

He smiled, “Razzi was always a wild cat. But these Aisha,” he held up the pictures, “these are bad. They could run them in the paper, or worse put them on the net.”

That is why I called you over here, to catch that little prick. Either they killed Connor or they helped. Either way, they need to die.” I smiled at him, “besides, you’re the best at this kinda thing.”

You’re goddamned right I am.” He looked down at his watch, “Need a lift to the ritual?”

Sure, but no funny stuff.”

Ryan held up his index and middle finger, “Scouts honor.”

I gathered my things and put the hood up on the robes, “Let’s roll.” Ryan nodded and led me to his car, a beautiful ’69 Mustang, again showing off his panty melting abilities.

We drove through the darkness in the silence of our own thoughts. I realized that I had not yet told Razzi about the pictures, and she would suffer more than I if these got out. I would need to talk to her after the ritual. We finally reached the clearing and 20 odd vehicles were already parked. Ryan shut off the engine and sat there quietly for a moment.

Aish, can I ask you a question and please be honest.” His voice was quiet and unsure, not like the Ryan I knew.

Of course.”

Why won’t you let me be with you? You deny all my advances and I put myself out there for you. Is it because I cannot reproduce?” A hint of sadness echoed the car.

Oh Ryan, it is not about the children thing at all. You are a wonderfully handsome, charming and sweet but..” I paused rethinking my choice of words. “But there is someone else I love. See I love you yes, very much so, but as a lover only. This other I love as a mate. If they were not around, then you would be the only one for me.” I touched his shoulder gently.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him, kissing me rough on the lips. After a moment or two he pulled back, “Consider that a kiss to seal that promise.”

I touched my lips gently and nodded. Slowly, I got out of the car. What was it with me today? I know I almost died, but I have never seen attention like this before. First Jonathan and now Ryan. It was like I was a party and everyone thought they were invited.

I walked over to the ritual starting area to meet with Melissa. A small brown wolf lay beside her while she was preparing the final touches. I knew the little wolf instantly; it was Sara, a werewolf who felt more comfortable in wolf form than any other. Her head rose when I approached. Curiously, she stood and walked over to me. I gave her a slight head nod as a greeting. Sara bowed her head in response and walked closer to me, sniffing. Now, I have been sniffed by the wolves before, but this was not just a sniff, this was a search. Sara made some guttural growling noises to Melissa which I did not understand. Melissa nodded and came over to me.

Sara says you smell of energy. Wolf and energy to be exact.” More noise came from Sara and Melissa nodded. “She says that you are different than before.”

I looked at Melissa, not really sure how to respond. “But I am me, no different. What does she mean Melissa?”

I do not know my dear. We will talk afterwards. But for now we have a ceremony to perform.” Sara and I both nodded.


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2 responses to “Book: Chapter Seven

  • Katie

    I want to read the chapter you skipped haha. sounds like we missed some good stuff. I like this character Ryan..seems like someone I’d like to be friends with..I have a picture of what he looks like in my mind, which is always a good sign when I’m reading. Loving it all so far!

    • Sarindre

      Haha! I am glad you are liking it. Actually, this was not suppose to post bc I am almost done with chapter six! But the scheduler got the best of me. I will be done with Chapter 6 soon!

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