Book: Chapter Five

I had to retype this entire chapter, opened my document on the computer and it was all gone same with chapter six! But all of the chapters after were there and fine. Odd…well I will type up chapter six today for tomorrow. For now, enjoy chapter five. Still requires a lot of edits. Comments and emails are welcome! 🙂

****Warning, this is not a PG novel. There is language! So, if you are offended by words, I would not read.****


As he slid his hands down my spine, a shudder ran through me. “Open yourself up to me my love. Feel my body open to and take all you desire. Draw on my energy and feel your wounds be healed. A pair of hands came around my shoulders kneading all the knots loose and giving my pure relaxation. His soft breath on my neck sent a wave of pleasure over my body. His arms encased me and pulled me closer to his body. “Let me be one with you Aisha,” he whispered as his fingers swept softly around my breasts. I leaned my head back to rest on his shoulders. I felt a tongue tickle the soft nape of my neck and I let out a soft moan of approval.

He kissed down my neck and across my shoulder until he reached my open wound. The bit marks punctured deep, but were not bleeding anymore. Hands slid down my waist as he pulled my hips into his. He ran his tongue along the wounds and I let out a small yelp. As he blew gently into the holes, a green glow erupted from his lips and entered the wound, filling them with a soft light.

“Aisha! Aisha! Wake up!” My eyes popped open and for a moment, who ever woke me up from my wonderful dream was going to die. I could always claim temporary insanity right?

I rubbed my eyes and focused on the body standing over me. It was Razzi, still wanted to beat the crap out of her, but I was happy she was alive. “What Razzi what? Can’t you see that I am trying to sleep? Shit!”

“Wow you are cranky. But I had to wake you Aish, look at your shoulder.”She pointed at my wounded right should and I looked over. “It’s healing…” The last of the bite wounds was closing underneath the stitches and pushing them out o my skin in front of my eyes.

I made a small gasp and stared with my jaw dropped. I touched my shoulder just to make sure I was not hallucinating. There was no pain just closed wounds forming slight scars. I looked up at Razzi, “Did Sheila do this?”

She lightly brushed my shoulder. “Oh god Aish, I don’t know. I just got here to check on you.” Her eyes started to well up and tears slowly dripped down her cheeks. “I’m sorry…”She plopped on the bed beside me. “I am so sorry for what I have done to you.” She put her head in her hands and sobbed.

I pulled Razzi closer into me and held her close, letting her cry on my newly healed shoulder. It was all ok now. She was finally a full werewolf and I could not be happier for her, and not only that, I was alive. I gently rubbed her back as she sobbed, the first change is an emotional time for a person, especially for one who just technically killed their best friend.

“Do you forgive me?” She lifted her head from my shoulder revealing her smeared makeup running down her cheeks. “I know I can never make up for what I did to you, but I am so very very sorry.” She lowered her eyes from me, not wanting to make eye contact.

I lifted her chin up and gently wiped the tears from her cheeks. “Always Razzi. You are family and I will always forgive family.” I smiled at her, “Plus look at me, I am totally fine!” I shrugged my shoulder making her look at the healed wounds. I would always have the scars, but the wounds were completely gone. “How does my back look?” I sat up in the bed to give her a better view.

I felt her remove the bandages from my back and rub her hands where the wounds were. Again there was no pain. “Oh my…Aish. Everything is closed back here too.” She showed me the stitches that fell out. “Same as your shoulder back here, except the scars…well they are a bit more noticeable.”

I got up and walked to the mirror in the bathroom. I turned my head and moved my hair to the side to see what I could on my back. There were flat but thick scars in an “X” shape, they seemed to have healed better than I could have ever done on my own. “Well, uhh, Sheila is a better healer than we ever thought possible. But it looks like I won’t be wearing any tank tops in public for a while.” I smiled trying to lighten the mood, but I knew that even though this was good, it was bad at the same time. No kinfolk should be able to heal like this, we were only human. Well most of us where, there were stories of a few select kin that could do some pretty neat things, but those were campfire stories. I lifted my hospital gown and removed the bandages on my ribs. Same thing. I know enough about the human body to know that my lung was punctured and I said a quick “thank you” to Gaia and put the gown back in place.

Razzi stood outside the bathroom door, and she was looking slightly pale. “This is not normal.” She swallowed hard, “not only normal, but, speaking in werewolf terms here totally nothing against you, they will see this as evil Aish. You know that.”

“I fuckin know Raz, I know. I just…”I sighed. “Shit…just hand me some bandages and we will wrap up the wounds. No one needs to know about this.”

She just nodded. Razzi knew this was serious. Werewolves do not like things they do not understand. And a healing kinfolk was right at the top of that list. There were horrible things that go bump in the night out there in the world that the normal person would not even know about. Vampires, demons, magic users, hell there are even evil werewolves. You name it, and it’s out there. The reserve had to be careful in protecting itself. I did not want to be seen as one of the bad guys. I had to try to keep this hidden. “How long have I been here?” I asked while I wrapped up my shoulder. Thankfully I have had lots of practice at applying bandages.

“5 days. They have kept you sedated for most of it.”

I pulled the IV out of my arm and disconnected the heart monitor. “We need to leave here Razzi. No one will ask questions if I just go home.” I grabbed the brown teddy from the foot of the bed. There was a car with it that read ‘Something to cuddle with at night.’ but there was no name with it. I started taking all of the cards off the flowers scattered around the room. They were from everyone; my parents, Razzi, and a few from ‘secret admirers.’ Jonathan even sent me an assortment of purple flowers with a card reading ‘I prayed for you while I cradled you in my arms. -J’

“Wait Aisha…there is something going on,” she paused and shifted her feet back and forth, “here at the reserve. There was an attack last night and -”

“What!” I gasped interrupting her thoughts.

“Yes….and Bill was killed…” her voice trailed off as the tears welled up in her eyes. Bill was the guardian of the reserve. It was the job of his pack and himself to scout and watch the grounds at all times. Bill has been the guardian since I can remember. He was a remarkable man with a massive frame. Hell, I looked like I was a midget when I stood next to him. Bill was born with a deformity in which he had two massive horns that came out the sides of his head and because of this, he was never allowed to leave the reserve.

A small tear slid down my cheek, “what was it that killed him Razzi? Do we know who it was?”

Razzi closed her eyes and put her head in her hands. Soft sobs came from her, “please do not make me talk about it again Aish.”

I grabbed her shoulders roughly and shook her. She was a werewolf for godsakes, she needed to be stronger. Razzi lifted her head as we meet gazes. “Tell me Razziel, you must tell me what happened.” I glared into her eyes, letting her know I meant business.

“Fine, you win,” she said with a sigh as she sat down on the bed wiping the tears from her eyes. She finally spoke after taking a deep breath, “One of his pack members found him…hanging from a tree while he was on his morning patrol.” I closed my eyes trying to shield myself from the blow of the news, it did not work. I was just sick to my stomach. “There is more. His horns were snapped off and one was shoved into his heart and one into his right eye.”

“But that would not have killed him. We both know just how resilient werewolves are. Not much can kill them short of silver or cutting their head off. So what was the cause of death?” I questioned.

“That is what I was getting at. The horns were not bone when they stabbed him, but silver.”

“What? How is that even possible?”

“No clue. Everyone’s working on figuring that out though.”

“This is crazy. The reserve is like a fortress to even get into. How did anyone get on here in the first place? Maybe this was just the first attack. There could be more. This does not just seem like a random occurrence.”

Razzi shook her head, “let’s not think that way. Come on, we need to get you home. Everyone has been worried.”

I searched the drawers for close since I did not want to wear the flimsy hospital gown outside. Luckily, I found some clothes that my mother must have brought over. “Watch the door. I would hate for someone to come in and see I am wound free.” I slipped on the black tank top, blue jeans and pulled my hair back. I checked all the bandages to make sure they looked believable. I slipped all the cards into my back pocket and grabbed the bear, “OK, let’s get out of here.”

We strolled out the back entrance of the hospital, “how bad is the Jeep? Can I still drive it?” I wondered. I really hoped it was not too bad since it was my only ride.

“Hate to tell you this, but remember that tree we crashed into? Well, you were luckily to survive the impact, the Jeep…well it was not so lucky.”

I laughed, “well shit. Think you can give me a ride home?”

“Always.” Razzi said with a smile as we got into her blue Scion.

“Raz, when are you gonna ditch this little car and pick up a big girl truck? This thing is so dinky it will fall apart some day.”

“Oh please little miss five car accidents in three years!” She started laughing and it was infectious. I do not know if it was the morphine or maybe I had a concussion, but once I started laughing I could not quit and we giggled the whole way home. I pushed out of my mind all the bad that had happened, even if it was just for a moment. Damn it felt good to be alive.


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  • Katie

    the plot thickens! really enjoying this and it’s keeping my interest..a lot of times I get bored reading certain books and feel like “can’t we just skip this part and get to the meat of the story…” but I haven’t felt that at all reading these chapters..I’m really interested where this is going! good job!

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