Book: Chapter Four

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****Warning, this is not a PG novel. There is language! So, if you are offended by words, I would not read.****


I slept like the dead; someone must have finally given me the drugs my body craved. I opened my eyes to a room I knew well. I was at the hospital on site at the wolf reserve. Well, being a reserve was just a cover. All the werewolves lived on the reserve, well except for a few who lived in the city for work. It was 300 acres of woods, but in the middle was a community for all the werewolves and their kin family. My parents ran the hospital and taught me how to be a field medic in the time of battle. Generally, I work around the hospital as a nurse.

I wonder how long I have been out for. I looked on the nightstand to find flowers of all colors and sizes. I could only imagine who sent them all. I would just check the cards later. I always felt obligated to send thank you cards after I received a gift. I guess my mother taught me well. A teddy bear peered at me from the foot of the bed. All this attention over one little accident? I wondered what happened to Razzi.

I laid there and thought about what happened in my own mind. I thought about Ice and wondered what she meant when she said I was going to be great. I will never be great like the shape shifters I grew up with. But what if she was right? What if I was meant for more than just a breeding tool? I knew that day was coming when Jonathan or the other leaders of the werewolves could not protect me from the hands of the other males. I saw how they looked at me with desire in their eyes. It made my skin crawl at times with their perpetual stares. But the leaders protected me for some reason. I did not know why.

Razzi and I could have any man here, but we both had our eyes on bigger prizes. Where, I have been in love with Jonathan since I could talk, Razzi only had eyes for Ryan. Ryan was the cyber tech of the reserve and a trust fund baby to boot. Next to Jonathan, he was probably the most handsome guy in the world. He was not nearly six foot, but his presence over took any room. His spiked, bleach blond hair stood on his head and his crystal blue eyes lit up his whole face, especially when he smiled. Oh…and that smile could melt the panties off any women he showed it to.

Sadly though, Razzi’s love was forbidden and more unlikely to happen than mine was. See, two full blooded changing werewolves were forbidden to breed; even loving each other was taboo. This was one of the most important laws the werewolves held. Now, I am not saying that it did not happen from time to time, one cannot help who they fall in love with no matter what can happen to them in the end, but this was severely…frowned upon. When two werewolves mated the child was born with too much spirit energy causing them to be born so wild and usually when they were the babies would go through their first change while the mother was in labor. The mothers would usually die during child birth and the children were then “put down” like you would do to a sick animal. If they ever found out who the father was, he was then put to death under Gaia’s laws.

Under Jonathan’s leadership at this reserve, we have had three children born this way. Two of the mothers lived and one of them died, all of the babies had survived and none had been executed.  The only reason the mothers lived was because of Melissa and the other healers on the reserve. Jonathan knew who the fathers were and never punished them. He was more compassionate than the other werewolf leaders and felt that the children should not be killed for their parent’s sins. However, he also felt that you cannot help who you loved, so the parent’s were not at fault either. Only a few of us knew the truth about the children and the parents, and I only knew because I was a nurse at one of the births. Sadly, it was not a birth that ended well.

This is why the werewolves keep their kin, like me, around. See, kin carry the genes to be a werewolf. We do not always birth a werewolf, but we always create other kin. The werewolf population was dwindling, and the only way to increase it was to increase breeding. I was one of the oldest non-mothers on the reserve and I was planning on keeping it that way for a while.

The door to the room slid open revealing Melissa in her normal white dress attire. Since she was the resident healer on the reserve, she spent a lot of time in the hospital. I always wondered what it was like to heal like her. Some werewolves had special abilities like healing and the like. I was always jealous of such abilities especially healing. It felt it was my calling.

Melissa smiled when she realized I was awake. “How are you feeling?”

“I am pretty sore,” I said as I sat up in the bed, “but otherwise ok. “

She walked over to the bed, sitting herself down on the edge, as she stroked my hair behind my ears.  “I am very happy to hear that. Gaia did not seem to want you leaving this world. You are truly blessed little one. “

“See Melissa that is what I do not understand. How did I live? I mean, not many people can be ripped apart by one of your kind and live to talk about it.”

“I am not sure, but I will say that you have a strong spirit inside of you keeping you grounded and safe in the mortal world. It loves you more than any creature can truly love another.” She briefly looked away, “I can tell you that it was not me that brought you back from the spirit world…” She trailed off. I trusted Melissa to tell me the truth in all matters, and I believed her, but I still had no idea how I was alive today.

“Where is Razzi?” I asked, “Is she ok?”

Melissa looked back at me and let out a little laugh, “just like you Aisha, putting others before your very being. You are going to make a great wife and mother someday.” I frowned at her off-topicness and she gave another smile as she noticed it. “Razzi is at home. I sent her away after she sat here for three days straight. I will call her and tell her she can stop by, but only for a minute…you need your rest.” Melissa stood up from the bed and there was a soft sadness in her eyes. I knew there was something she was not telling me.

I grabbed at her hand as she faced away from me. “What are you not telling me Melissa? You know I am more empathic than that.”

She stayed facing the door as she took a deep breath before she spoke in a muted voice, “you know Aisha, when a person is brought back from the dead, a mark is left on their soul. It shows that darkness has grabbed at you and tried to pull you in. If you let it, this mark can encompass your being, tearing you from the inside out. I am giving you this warning not to scare you, but to prepare you for the time you may face in the future, “ I let her hand go as she finished and walked slowly to the door, not looking back. “Heed my warning, my child, evil is everywhere, stay strong and do not get pulled away from Gaia.”

Melissa put her hand on the door knob, “Wait!” I yelled. “What does all this mean? Please talk to me Melissa.”

She slowly turned back and raised up her palm, “I have already said too much and you need your rest. Sleep child and let your body heal.” With that she walked out the door. I lay back in bed staring up at the ceiling. The pure white of the paint was somehow not as clean as I remembered it. It was fading, changing to yellow over time.  I wondered what Melissa meant by all that. Ice did not seem to be evil, and I thought she healed me? I let sleep drag me in again. Why did it feel so good to be dead to the world?


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