Book: Chapter Three

Day Three of my novel chapters, which still require a lot of edits. Comments and emails are welcome! 🙂

****Warning, this is not a PG novel. There is language! So, if you are offended by words, I would not read.****


“Aisha…Aisha, wake up dear,” a soft voice called out to me from the black. I opened my eyes to a soft smiling face. It was Melissa, an elder of our werewolves. “Welcome back my dear, we thought we lost you for a moment there.” Melissa was a beautiful Native American woman. She was five foot five and lean but defined. She had raven black hair and with her lightly tanned skin it produced a sort of glow. Her red facial markings, almost like war paint, blended perfectly with her crystal green eyes. She wore flowing white robes, but I could see blood smeared on them, breaking their pure perfection.

I may not have felt the pain in my subconscious, but I sure felt it now. My body ached and burned as I felt pain from my head to my toes. I peered down my chest and saw what a mess I really was. Open puncture wounds on my ribs, showing the white of bone below, blood was flowing out of the wounds in a smoldering mass. It was not the ribs that made me gasp, but the fact that the wounds were mending in front of my eyes sent a chill down my spine. I moved my hand to touch the holes, an intense pain shot out of my shoulder. I let out a scream as I turned to see teeth marks starting to close along the front of my shoulder.

I tried to sit up, but Melissa gently touched my unharmed shoulder, “do not worry Aisha, we will carry you.” Even that light touch caused immense pain that seemed to run along the nerves of my body.

But Razzi…we gotta find her before she hurts someone else.” I tried to get up again, lifting my head and frantically searched for clues to where she went.

Aisha, lay down, now!” Melissa snapped. In my full twenty two years living at the reserve, I had never heard her so angry. I must have really pissed her off. I laid back down, scared to make another motion. “Ryan has already found Razzial and they are already home. She will be fine. You must stop worrying about her and focus on yourself now.” Her voice returned to the kind mother voice I had known before. She gave a nod behind me and I heard footsteps approach.

Aisha…” I closed my eyes and smile, just the soft sound of his voice brought me instant clam and joy. It was a manly but serine voice that echoed in my mind and made me quiver, well usually made me quiver. I tried to contain myself this time, with the blood loss that was pretty easy.

Jonathan…”I sighed softly, “you came.” He walked around to my left and crouched down beside me. He was so beautiful that when I opened my eyes, I could not keep them off of him. My heart pumped harder and I knew all the werewolves around me could smell the desire coming off my skin. Even in pain all I wanted was him. I usually was able to show more control, but with recent events, I decided that a bit of allowance could be allowed for tonight.

Jonathan was six feet tall and all muscle, but not the scary kind, the toned kind, the kind of a lumber jack or a construction worker. He had short brown hair and the softest brown eyes I had ever seen. He was wearing a red and black plaid shirt that was still open in the front, he must not have had time to button it up, what with running the whole way here. His tattered jeans and workboats completed his relaxed look. Most would describe this as rugged and manly.

No matter how modestly he dressed, Jonathan was the leader of the werewolves in the whole Eastern Pennsylvania area. At the ripe age of fifty, he still had a long time left to go. Being a werewolves had its advantages, letting his age never show, making him look thirty and he would look like that till the day he died.

He stroked my cheek and let out a soft sigh, “I don’t know what we would have done if we lost you.” He smiled. Being in love with someone since as long as you can remember made you not expect things like that, and when they do say things like that, stunned and confused is the only way to describe it. Jonathan was the leader and I was just a kin. I carried the werewolf gene, but I could never change. It would never work nor would it be allowed to work between us. I was born of two kinfolk and would have a slim chance of actually producing a werewolf child for him. He needed someone with higher chances to pass on his genes and give him a worthy child. Doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream right?

You ready to go home?” He asked in almost a whisper. I nodded as he slid me slowly into his arms and lifted me gently off the ground. My wounds were already closed but the hurt was still present. Oddly, I could heal quickly, but did not come with a morphine button. I curled my aching body into his, taking in his musk. For years I wanted to be surrounded by this smell while I tried to fall asleep and for once my dreams came true. I closed my eyes and let his gentle walking rock me to sleep.


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One response to “Book: Chapter Three

  • Katie

    I’m enjoying it more and more with each chapter..and each chapter makes me want to move on to the next. I’m liking this romance (or atleast a crush)…interested to see where it goes!

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