Book: Chapter One

So, I have decided to do something I told myself I would never do, I am going to post some chapters out of my novel as I work on them. Like I said, I never thought I would do this do to the possibility of pure embarrassment, but even though it would be embarrassing and the only people I have let read this in the past were close friends, I really thought this could help me grow as a writer. As everyone knows, criticism and help is really the only way to grow.  Plus, I know there are a ton of edits I need to make and this is mostly just the second draft. So post comments if you want to, harsh or nice, anything is helpful! Or email me at Without further ado, here is chapter one.

****Warning, this is not a PG novel. There is language! So, if you are offended by words, I would not read.****




“Fuck you Ryan. Answer your God damned phone! Razzi is gonna lose it!” I slammed the phone shut, threw it on the dash and concentrated on the road.

I drove towards the reserve faster than I ever thought possible. We had just come from a party and were dressed the part. Both in matching black dresses low cut in the front and even lower in the back. With our five inch heels it gave the illusion that I was 5’10” and being so short it was what I craved, but they were hard to drive in, especially in these conditions. Our once perfect makeup was slowly becoming smeared by sweat and tears.  I had to pull my black hair back just so I could see to drive. Razzi’s short and spiky silver hair glinted against the full moon light and her blue eyes were turning pink. But, I knew they would soon be blood red. This was not going to be good. Razzi was seething in the passenger seat, shaking with so much rage that heat was flowing off her body. She was my best friend, and even I knew that would not stop my coming nightmare. But, I said a quick prayer to Gaia, hoping she could help Razzi hold back her fury till we at least made it home where the others could calm her down, or let you take her anger out on a tree…not on me.

Fuck him,” she screamed. “And fuck her too! I am so gonna kill the both of them…”Razzi reached up and grabbed the bar as I made a quick turn, ripping it from the frame and throwing it at the windshield. The windshield splintered and cracked showing just how much strength she had gained within the past 20 minutes. We were still 30 minutes away and there was no way we would make it in time.

Razzi!” I barked, “Calm the fuck down. You do know what can happen if you push the goddamn limit!” My hands gripped the steering wheel, holding tighter and tighter as my fear grew and causing my knuckles to turn white. I had to push that fear back down, I knew once she changed, she would smell and taste it. It would call to her like a sheep to a wolf…no pun intended. Razzi would be able to smell the blood in my veins and the sweat in my pores.

Aisha…you do not understand. He screwed that little human bitch.” Razzi let out a painful yell as she clenched her fists tightly against her chest. As I glanced over to her I saw her bones move in her hand, sliding into a fiercer placement. The claws would be elongating soon, this was not going well. She was too far gone for me to calm her down. If Razzi changed in this car, I was dead. I had to drive faster; I had to keep her talking. “You gotta get me home, there is no way I can hold this off much longer.” Her snout was elongating as her face grew shimmering silver fur. I tried to slow the car down, hoping I could push her out and drive away so she would not kill me. I had a better chance outrunning her in a car than I ever would on foot.

Razzi…” I said calmly, watching her knees shift and bend, becoming angled. “You are gonna need to get out here.” With that she let out a howl that filled the car, shaking the mirrors and causing me to swerve in panic.

The tree came so fast, that I had no time to react. The Jeep crashed head on, toppling over on my driver’s side. Luckily, I had slowed down enough while trying to push Razzi out that I did not die from impact. I was, however, trapped, and not only trapped; no I was pinned in as the steering wheel crushed into my chest. Of course the airbag only partially deployed! I moved, trying to free myself, and felt a few ribs shift in the opposite direction. I sucked my breath in trying not to let out a yelp and took a few calming breaths. As I looked up, I noticed Razzi was not in her seat anymore. Where did she go? Did she fly out of the car? I prayed she was knocked out, that would be for the better.

I pulled into myself as tight as I could to try and squeeze from out of behind my wheel. My arm was gashed pretty badly and there was blood running into my eyes. I reached up and lightly wiped my forehead, and a burning sensation flared. I must have cut it up pretty bad, but these wounds were nothing I could not handle. For now I just had to worry about getting out of the real harms way. I reached for the passenger window to pull myself up, and got tripped up on the seat belt, falling slightly forward.  I let out a blood curdling scream as I felt a shard of glass enter my palm and jab out the other side of my hand. I quickly regretted the scream as I threw my other hand over my mouth. My breath was shaky and the pain was becoming more intense.

I slid my hand off the shard, watching the blood gush out. Ripping off the bottom part of my already torn dress, I tied it around my hand to stop the flow. As I stuck my head out the window, I saw the remains of Razzi’s clothes on the ground. I followed the blood trail with my eyes. There was nothing at the end of it, just a bigger puddle of blood. I started debating if I should just hide in the Jeep or get out and run, hoping Razzi was far gone. Maybe she ran off into the woods. Though I highly doubted it.  I started to climb out of the Jeep, carefully missing all the other pieces of glass coming out of the window pane. I heard a soft, low growl from behind me, and I did not even need to look to know what it was. Razzi had completed her first change.

I knew what they looked like, so I knew I was in trouble. Grossly better than me in the way of height and weight, and not counting out the amazing strength and agility they possessed. Nine feet tall, 700 pounds of pure muscle, completely covered in fur the color of her hair, and all she could see was red. Friend or foe did not matter. I smelled of blood and was the next meal.  I could feel her hot breath and the humidity from her saliva created goose bumps on the back of my neck. My pulse quickened as I willed myself to not be frozen by fear and just move.

I sprawled out of the window, getting the remains of my dress caught in the spikes of glass. This was all Razzi needed as I felt her claws enter each of my shoulder blades and crisscrossed down my back as I spilled onto the ground. I was in pain, but I knew that I needed to run. In the end, I knew it would not matter, she would catch me and rip me apart limb from limb. This was pretty much over, but I was never a quitter, and was not going to start now.

I ran, almost blindly, towards the woods, searching for an opening, anything I could try to hide in. The cool air burned against my wounds, causing me shutter and trip in a ditch falling flat on my face. Dirt flew into all my wounds making me yelp as the pain rushed all over my body. “Get up Aisha…get up…” I heard a voice whisper. I did not question it, as I crawled out of the ditch and ran again towards the trees.

I felt the ground shake as I heard Razzi approach. Claws grabbed me around my arms, inserting into my already broken ribs. I felt my breath shallow as I was being lifted off the ground. I tried to struggle out of Razzi’s grasp, but every movement hurt as it ripped open new and deeper wounds.

Razzi’s hot breath approached the back of my neck. She needed just to end this, instead of just hovering there, toying with her food. I was going to die from the wounds anyway, being only human definitely had its drawbacks. I closed my eyes as I felt her fangs pierce deep into my shoulder. As I opened my mouth to scream, nothing came out, except a gurgling moan. Blackness overcame my sight as I slipped deep into the space between life and death.


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